Community-Oriented Bittube HardFork at block 140,000 - 'they go fee, we go free'

Interplanetary Bittube Coin (IPBC) is a hard fork of the well known Bittube, combining the best features of cryptonote technology without Premine or Governance fees! Made by the community, for the community, IPBC aims to be a universally accepted currency. As a community-based open-source project, released under the BSDv2 license, everyone is welcome to contribute to our project!

The Miners' Grievance and the Call for a Better Coin

The idea of creating a fork from Bittube emerged from the tightly-knitted Bittube mining community, who are responsible for keeping the network secured from malicious attacks and disruptions. The addition of a 30% governance fee in the upcoming Bittube fork goes against this goal. IPBC will remove all such fees, and distribute the full block reward back to our miners! Our Team will add no premine or fee, and previous fees are disabled from forkheight onwards. We will continue to adopt Bittube's updates, excluding any kind of fees. All miners are welcome to join us at fork height!

Claiming your IPBC Coins

IPBC coins can be accessed using Bittube private keys or seed. Owners will automatically receive IPBC at a 1:1 ratio by importing the keys to the IPBC wallet. However, for maximum security, it is recommended that all Bittube owners empty their respective Bittube wallets to a different wallet before they enter private keys outside of Bittube. Any exchange that supports the IPBC fork will airdrop the new coin after the fork.

Mining your IPBC Coins

By utilizing the unique Tube Cryptonight-Heavy PoW algorithm, our network can be efficiently mined on a modern gaming-grade GPU, ensuring competitive mining profits, and avoiding any unnecessary dumping by large industrialized mining farms. We are preparing an open launch at block height 140,000-1, and will be launching the official pool shortly before said fork height to ensure so. There will be no snapshot. We will be forking alongside Bittube with no disruptions to either network. Any pool supporting the fork will automatically switch over to the IPBC network at fork height. Since both Bittube and IPBC can share the same wallet addresses, you can continue mining on our network using your old Bittube address.

Technical Specifications

Symbol: IPBC
PoW algorithm: Tube Cryptonight-Heavy
Difficulty Retarget: Every Block
Block Time: 120 seconds
Max Supply: 250,000,000 IPBC (reduced /4 postfork)
Decimal places: 8
Features: Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT), partial Bulletproof, Dynamic Tx Fees, etc.